Kalki avatAr

Kalki AvatAra story contains data, as if it is talking about ancient history and extended it to the future also.

Bhavinyaa dasayaa bhavan iha bhava dvamsaaya na: kalpathaam
Kalkee vishNuyasa  sutha. kali kathaa kaalushya koolankasha
Nis sesha kashtaha kanTakE kshithi thalE dharaa jaloughair dhruvam
Dharmam kaartha yugam prarOhayathi yath nistrimsa dhaaraadhara

The one that is yet to come.
Before we start the story, there is a warning about a few things. Word warn is used, because it is serious.

  1. First of all there is very few translated material available for kalki BhagvAn’s story. Among them, the authentic ones are just a couple or so. Authenticity of them is based on who has translated and the time period. (Both these factors determine the strict discipline that would have been followed, in translation. Not to include their own interpretations and stories).  So, the point is don’t believe everything you get to read on the net about kalki BhagvAn.
  2. The information we get here, are sometimes, disturbing, some are a little scary, some make us think that we are already experiencing those. All these confusions, raise various irrelevant questions in our mind. Plus an added danger is, WE START THINKING, IF THIS IS ALL PREORDAINED TO HAPPEN WHAT IS THE USE OF ME ALONE TRYING TO BE GOOD AND PREACH GOOD. IT IS WRONG. THIS IS WHERE WE HAVE TO REMEMBER BHAGAWAD GITA AND JUST HEAR THE STORY OF KALKI BHAGVAN, JUST TO BE SURE THAT NO MATTER HOW BAD THE TIMES BECOME, I AM GOOD AND I WILL BE PROTECTED.
  3. Thirdly,  you may find some words based on caste system. Please note that this is just narrating what is given in the KALKI PURANAM.  ” chaatur varnyam mayaa srishtam ” said BhagvAn in GItA. It is His story and His words are repeated here.


A question arises, how did Vyas BhagvAn wrote everything before it happened. Did he predict all this? Is it like Nostradamus prophecy? The answer is NO. But it will be explained in future stories about TIME OF UNIVERSE. For now, just enjoy the story.

The Gist of kalki AvatAr is, as always, the devas went to BrahmA seeking help from him to put an end to the evil on earth. He took them all to Maha viShNu and He in turn promises them, that he will be born to complete the task and bring earth back to Satya Yugam or the golden period. Only difference is this time it was YAMRAJ who went to ask for help. Due to excessive spread of evil on earth all the dead ones were directly sent to yamalogam, to be punished for their wrong deeds. And the place began overflowing with PAp atmas. Even Yamaraja couldn’t bear the foul smell there that he had to seek help.

Pacifying BrahmA, Yamadeva and the other devas, Lord viShNu said, he will be born to a pious couple, Vishnuyasas and Sumathi. In a village in Central India, by name SambhaLa.
As it is yet to happen, there are not much details like we have for other AvatArams. Mahalakshmi will also be born to a king named Bruhatradan. Her name will be Padma. Lord kalki will be married to her. He further told the devas, that two kings by name, Maru and DevApi will be coronated. And dharma would again be established. When is dharma considered to be completely vanished, ShAstram depicts dharma as a floor legged cow. It is said that in kaliyugam, the cow will stand with great difficulty on one leg as the rest are all lost.

Kalki BhagvAn will get his Janeyu, and start his Gurukulam with ParashurAma.  After completing his education, Kalki prays to Shiva on the advice of ParashurAma, and Shiva grants him, the whole horse, Devadatta. He also grants him various weapons and the Sword.  First he is going to start preaching to the people. More like giving a last chance. Then for some time he will assume other duties like, his wedding to Ma Padma. It is interesting to note that, a parrot will be the messenger between the two. And once each other’s hearts are exchanged, their marriage takes place in, padma’s country. Then both of them return to Shambala Grama.

Vishwakarma builds a palace for them. Then with a small army he defeats, Buddhists and Jains. He again marries a queen by name RamA. The two kings who are supposed to be coronated, join Kalki BhagvAn. Vehicles, weapons, warriors, and arms and armors will all be at his command. He will be the imperial sovereign. He has the power to take any form and appear or disappear anywhere.

Except for a small number of people who are believers, who are His loving people, will be with him, all others would oppose him. Finally, to put an end to the atrocities committed towards the good, Kalki BhagvAn riding his white horse, Devadatta, wielding his shining Sword, mercilessly kills all the bad people and clears all the muck from the face of earth. It is almost like Yama himself, or death himself was riding a horse and ripping people’s lives out of them.

Once the evil was destroyed kalki bhagvAn goes back to his abode.
This is what we find in scriptures, along with some details about some kings.

The kalki PurAnam was narrated by RiShi Sutha to other munis. In that discourse, he clearly sites the reasons for BhagvAn descending to earth as kalki.

Kaliyugam, is named after the person who is going to be (rather IS..) dominating the Yugam and the people living at this time which is KALI PURUSHA. Once when king Parikshit was going around the vast areas of his country, he found a man thrashing a cow that could barely stand as it had only one leg. Parikshit Maharaj understood that it was dharma and the man who was breathing it was kalipurusha. He raised his sword to kill the man. But the man suddenly fell at his feet and pleaded mercy. Then Parikshit pardoned and asked him to leave his land. KALI PURUSHA reminded Parikshit that the whole world was his land. And he further requested Parikshit to allow him a small space to live. Parikshit granted him that wish and told him to live in four places where vices flourished – gambling, drinking, prostitution and violence on animals.

Kali purusha says that though he is a treasure house of all vices, he still had one very good quality – the quality of bestowing moksha to people without even performing severe austerities that they had to do in the other three yugAs. People in this yuga could easily attain moksha by just chanting the name of the Lord. Pleased by this quality of Kali, King Parikshit allows him to occupy one special place – that is in GOLD.
Here we may wonder how Kali can live in Gold when Lord KriShNa has declared in the Bhagavad GItA that He is the Gold among all the metals – dhaatUnAm kAnchanamasmi. Well, people while wearing gold should wear it as a blessing of the Lord. But those who wear Gold without such humble thought would be inviting Kali to come and reside in them!

When Kali-yuga comes to a close, the lower modes of material nature will become so strong that people will lose interest in spiritual topics. Everyone will become godless. The devotees, bhaktas, and sages that are left on the planet by this time will be so unique in character, and peculiar compared with the rest of society, that they will be ridiculed and hunted down in the cities for sport like animals. Thus, they will flee the cities to live underground in caves or high up in the mountains, or simply disengage from the earthly plane of existence. They will even leave the once pious land of India, as explained in the Kalki PurAna.

In this way, genuine saintly or spiritually advanced persons will disappear from the face of the earth. That is the time when the dark influence of the age of Kali will become so dominant, unleashing all of its influence,

There will exist no topics on the subject of bhagvAn, even at the residences of so-called saints and respectable gentlemen of the three higher varnas [castes], and the power of government is transferred to the hands of ministers elected from the lowborn class or those less than them who have neither education, nor experience not the willingness to rule justly. The  non-Aryans who pose as kings will begin devouring men who appear righteous and feed on human beings. At that point of time there will be chaos on earth. Everywhere the undesirable activities of the thieves and plunderers would be on the increase. The planet will be filled with people who will be unable to understand logical conversations. They will be too slow-minded and dull-witted, not capable of being taught much, especially in the way of high spiritual philosophy regarding the purpose of life. They will not know what they need to do or how to live. And they certainly will be unable to change their ways. Kali’s domain can be found wherever there is gambling and intoxication, as well as where women constantly quarrel. Kali’s favorite places of residence are always causes of fear and danger. The men in these places are controlled by women,” meaning, they will be seduced by women who for some meagre benefits, would seduce and suck the energy and the intelligence of the men. Women will protect themselves as objects of Sex and lust but will not admit to it. Everything will be oriented towards food and lust. Women’s beauty will be judged by her hairstyle.

Women will dominate at home and so there will be lesser peace. Women will sleep late and wake up late. They will wear leader clothes. Show will be the main purpose of their existence. But if will be done in the name of self satisfaction. Generally, understand that, women will slowly lose their dignity. Unfortunately they will start to like being undignified.
( Manu probably rewrote the smriti at the end of kaliyugam, only after such a pathetic state of women..)

The stronger will dominate over the weaker. Words like sacrifice, love, compassion etc will be unheard of. Money will be the only guiding source.  It is death for Brahmanas and Cows. Hospitality will die.

Majority of people will have inferiority complex. People will suffer lowest of self esteem. Especially women.  They will laugh loud and laugh for no reason. Women will not bother about their chastity.

Taking bath will not be important. People will be tolerant towards certain things and intolerant towards certain others.  They will be tolerant towards dirty places, dirty people and dirty thoughts. Like a person wouldn’t mind eating in a toilet as long as he gets food. At the same time they will be intolerant towards religious things and the name of God.

Things will become so bad as the years go by that this world will be like one of the hellish planets in which people are born to suffer. There will be corruption in government and police, and they will be no better, worse in fact, than common criminals. Common citizens will have no protection. They will be subjected to the worst of crimes with no solution. Everyone will be fighting with each other. The world will slide into a state of constant war and chaos.

People will become destroyers of Vedas and charity. These people are the reservoirs of mental distress, disease, old age, destruction of religious principles, sorrow, lamentation, and fear. These descendants of Kali are found wandering everywhere throughout the kingdom of Kali, destroying the people of the world. Such people are misguided by the influence of time, very restless by nature, full of lusty desires, extremely sinful, very proud, and violent even to their own father and mother.

The so called educated, are devoid of all good behavior, without any observance of proper etiquette, and always engaged in the service of the lowest classes. This means that those who should be spiritually advanced only serve those who have money in order to maintain their material facilities.

They are fond of dry arguments, and they use religion as a means of livelihood, teach Vedic knowledge as a profession, are fallen from the execution of their vows, and sell wine and other abominable things, including meat. They are cruel by nature, and very fond of gratifying their bellies and genitals. For this reason, they lust after the wives of others and are always seen to be intoxicated. They were not born from a father and mother who were properly married, and they are short in stature and always engaged in sinful acts, such as cheating others. They generally reside in a sacred place, live for only sixteen years, associate with wretched people, and only consider a brother-in-law to be a friend and relative.

When the practices taught in the Vedas and institutes of law have nearly ceased, Lord Kalki will appear in the home of the most eminent Brahmana of Shambhala village. He will possess great energy, intelligence and prowess. He will restore order and peace in this world.
He will establish moral law in the form of the fourfold varnas, or the suitable organization of society in four classes. After that people will return to the path of righteousness. He will reestablish righteousness upon earth, and the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as clear as crystal. The men who are thus changed  shall be the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race who will follow the laws of the Krita Yugam or Satya Yugam, the age of purity.  Lord Kalki does not come to teach, but simply to chastise, punish, and cleanse the planet.

We should make note here that, as the Vedic literature explains, when the lord kills anyone, that person is immediately spiritually purified by His touch and because the person is focused on Him while leaving his body, that person attains Mukti.

The present Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, the metal age has resulted in destroying the basic fabric of society! The global warming issue, the unrestricted usage of natural wealth, living for the sake of pleasure alone has resulted in present turmoil.
We have never seemed to care for nature. Now the roles would be reversed. Mankind would witness the fiercest reprisal, backlash at the hands of nature. but if mother earth trembles uncontrollably resulting in earthquakes and tsunamis of unprecedented magnitude, or even the reasons like in Chennai, the devastation that would follow shall be beyond all comprehensions.

The world as of date, is full, not only of ignorant,  but also fools . The  masses who live their life, rather spend their life on one principle, eat, drink and be merry. For such people BhagavAn Kalki would turn to be their nemesis. Unless ignorance of such people is eradicated,  eliminated, humanity would continue to suffer uncontrollably. With the developments of science progressing at seemingly faster pace than human race can comprehend, the situation is almost going out of control. Instead of pursuing life in a peaceful manner, people have started pursuing money as the end to everything. Sex and money dominate the world. Morality and ethics having taken a backseat.Survival of the fittest has become order of the day.  We take pride in boasting, oh my child is a Go Getter !!! What do they get and where are they going is the question?

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