Katha Sangraha

Katha/Kathya is an Indian style of religious storytelling, performances of which are a ritual event in Hinduism, and often involve professional storytellers called kathavahchak or vyas, who recite the Hindu religious texts, such as the Puranas, Ramayana or Bhagavata Purana, often followed by a commentary, Pravachan.


In India, each region has developed its own style and tradition of storytelling in local languages. Epics and puranas, ancient stories of wisdom in Sanskrit, are the common story material for all or most of the regions of India. Such performances are held in temples, weddings and other religious or social functions. These are one-person performances, where the performer has to be versatile in the aspects of exposition and be able to interestingly narrate humorous anecdotes. The storyteller is looked upon as a teacher who is a scholar in ancient texts in Sanskrit and other vernaculars. They interpret the religious and mythological texts of the past to the present and future generations.


The katha performed for various Bhagvan have their respective significance. For example, The Satyanarayan Puja, worship of the lord Satyanarayan and the embodiment of eternal truth, is the most commonly performed ritualistic prayers in Hindu homes. It is observed that after performing this puja with devotion and faith, devotees generally benefit a lot – their problems are resolved and they can get over the difficulties in life.

How to perform Katha?

Performing katha also varies fro Bhagvan to bhagvan. We can learn about the same in their respective Katha section.


Collection Of KATHA



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