ParashurAm avatAr

ParashurAm was the son of sage Jamadagni and his wife Renuka. His birth actually got postponed by one generation. Didn’t understand?

Sage Brighu’s descendent Richika, got married to Satyavati the beautiful daughter of king GAdhi. They lived an ascetic life in the woods.

Once when Satyavati’s parents visited them,  Satyavati’s mother, the queen of king GAdhi, expressed her wish to have a grandchild. She also shared her intimate thoughts with her daughter, that she too desired to have a powerful Son to become king GAdhi’s heir. As Sage Richika possessed great yogic powers she urged her daughter to request him to prepare a magic potion which will satisfy both their needs. Satyavati approached her husband and asked for the same. As it was possible for him  to make the potion, he agreed. He made a porridge with milk and rice and chanted various mantras for a long time. Once the ritual was done, he kept two bowls ready in front of Satyavati. Pointing at one, he said THIS ONE IS FOR YOU and the other one is for your mother. Saying this he left the place. There started the problem.

A greedy mother, expecting her son in law to have prepared a better and strong portion specially for his wife, exchanged the bowls and quickly drank the one meant for her  daughter. As the sage returned he came to know the truth and was very angry and disturbed about what had happened. Not knowing the reason, mother and daughter asked him to explain. The sage replied, that he has prepared two different potions. One for a child to be born angry and strong fit to be a king and the other for a child with extensive knowledge and great discipline. As he will be born to Richika as a Brahman.

Now that the potions exchanged they are going to get a child unfit for their kula. The kind child will have the attributes of a Brahman, will obtain mastery of the scriptures, and shall devote his life to ascetic penances. And his own child will have all the attributes of a Kshatriya, will be of a cruel nature, fond of weapons. Hearing this Renuka was shocked and fell at her husband’s feet and asked him to do something to change this.

The sage said that, as he himself had chanted and infused the potions with the powers, it can’t be reversed. At this, Renuka pleaded, ” then let this happen to my grand child. Not the one that is born to me. “. Sage Richika had mercy on her and blessed the same. Thereby, sage Jamadagni ( father of ParashurAma) was born to Richikar and Satyavati. Who in turn married Renuka the daughter of king PrasanajIt.

Five boys were born to them: Rumanvan, Sushena, Vasu, Viswavasu and RAma. RAma was the one who acquired the attributes of a Kshatriya. He was a devotee of Shiva and he received  a Parshu(axe ) from Lord Shiva as a boon  thus the name ParshurAma was given to him. Shiva also taught him war skills. As a child ParashurAma was a keen learner and he always obeyed his father Rishi Jamadgani.

The rishi family had a great possession in their kutIr. It was kamadhenu the heavenly core which fulfills all your wishes. Once Rishi Jamadgani went out from  his Ashram, in the meanwhile some Kshatriyas King KArtaviryarjun ( actually another Avatar of viShNu only. Details later) arrived at their Ashram. They were in search of food for the entire army. The rishi patni, provided food for all of them. This got the Kshatriyas doubtful. How could she provide food for the entire army in this forest. They were so surprised to see the magical cow. Naturally they wanted to possess it. When the ashram inmates refused to give the cow they took it by force. When ParashurAma came to know about it, he tracked them, killed the entire army and rescued the cow.

In Revenge Kartaviryarjun’s son killed Rishi Jamadgani. When ParshurAma returned to the ashram he saw his father’s body. Some books say that he saw his mother beat her chest 21 times and cried.

Outraged by King Arjuna’s sons, and with a terrible axe in his hand he headed straight for Kshatriya prince palace. He attacked and killed all the princes, catching them from their hiding places, and slicing them to death. He killed every male member of Kshatriya king Arjuna’s clan – his sons, brothers, cousins, uncles, even the elderly. Knowing that people living around that place were all kshatriya, he went around the neighborhood and killed every Kshatriya he found.

He moved in every direction and all over the country killing every kshatriya that confronted him and he made sure no male kshatriya was left. ParashurAma had filled five ponds with the blood of Kshatriyas and the place was later on known as Samant-panchaka. He took bath in that lake, washed his axe and performed rituals in honor of his father.

ParashurAma was known to be the most obedient son. He killed his own mother because his father wanted him to do so. Pleased by his obedience, Jamadagni  offered two boons to ParashurAma. The boy asked that his mother be brought back to life and his brothers to be returned from stone to flesh. Impressed by the affection and devotion of his son, Jamadagni granted his request.

After that parashurAma dropped his weapon and went to the mountains to do penance. To wash away the sin caused by killing the Kshatriyas.

It is believed that Lord ParashurAm came to a place nestled somewhere in the upper recesses of Arunachal Pradesh to perform penance. He chose the place where the mighty Bramaputra rushes down the hills to enter the plains. This place is famously known as ParashurAm Kund where, it is believed, he threw his axe with which he had killed his mother and took a holy dip here to cleanse himself of the sin he had committed. This place is an important pilgrimage spot for all Hindus and is visited at the time of Makar sankranthi.

This is the story of ParashurAma AvatAram.

Temples Of ParashurAma AvatAr

ParashurAm Kund




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