ॐ विश्वं विष्णु: वषट्कारो भूत-भव्य-भवत-प्रभुः ।

भूत-कृत भूत-भृत भावो भूतात्मा भूतभावनः ।। 1 ।।

1. विश्वं (Viśvaṃ)


All In One (सर्वत्र पूर्णत्वात् स्वरूपगुणवैभवै: |)


Markandeya MahariShi was residing in the south of Bharat. He was a great Shiva Bhakt. Lord Shiva had given him a boon that he will be 16yrs old forever.  Everyone around was dying but Markandeya MahariShi continued to live with the same youth and vigour of a 16 year old. As time passed by, he grew tired of this monotony. He prayed to Lord Shiva and when the Lord appeared before him Markandeya MahariShi pleaded for Moksham ( a state of no rebirth). But Lord Shiva said Moksham is given only by Janardhana. And directed him to pray towards Lord ViShNu. Pleased with the riShi’s Tapas, Lord ViShNu appeared and told him that he will definetly attain Moksham, but will have to wait for the right time.

Satisfied, the riShi moved in to a place called Vinnagaram, stayed there for some time and then travelled up North to Badrinath and started penance again in the foot hills of Nar Narayana Parvat. Pleased with his austerities, Lord ViShNu again appeared before him and was ready to give him Moksham.  The riShi had a deep desire to see how this world will look during Pralaya (the great Deluge) and expressed the same. Lord Narayana granted his wish and at that very moment the entire scene changed. The Nar Narayana mountain burst into pieces, trees were uprooted by tornados, suddenly everything was submerged in water. He has never seen anything like this not even in his wildest imagination. He was frightened by nature’s rage but as he tried to search for a safe place, at a distance he saw a small light floating towards him. As it came near, the riShi found a small baby lying on top of a Banyan leaf, who was putting his tiny toe in his mouth and sucking it. As the riShi looked at him wonderstruck, the baby smiled at him. riShi could not understand who the baby was. He went close to the baby and asked him who he was and how he happened to be floating when the whole world is destroyed by the deluge. Instantly BhagavAn inhaled and the riShi was sucked in. When inside BhagavAn ‘s stomach the riShi saw the entire world safe in there. He saw the Nar Narayana Parvat, his Ashram on the foothills and himself inside the baby’s stomach. Having given a glimpse of His Maya, BhagavAn now exhaled, with that Markandeya MahariShi also was brought back to his original spot. Everything around seemed to be undisturbed there was no sign of deluge and the baby had also disappeared.  A bewildered riShi then realised that BhagavAn is called Viswam as everything is one in HIM.

Essence and Phalam

स्वरूप रूप गुण विभवैहि परिपूर्ण इत्यार्थ​ (Swaroopa roopa guna vibhavaihi paripoorna ityarthaha)

Will be in good company always. Children will get good friends


ॐ विश्वस्मै नमः ।

2. विष्णु: (Viṣṇuh)


One in All (चराचरॆषु भूतॆषु वॆशनात् विष्णुरुच्यतॆ  |)

One who has pervaded every sentient and insentient matter


In Gokulam a gopastri, while going out told her daughter to keep an eye on the Butter and Curd at home, because there was always this danger of naughty kriShNa coming and stealing it all. The daughter agreed and was keeping a watch over it. Though she obeyed her mother, secretly she wanted kriShNa to come and steal the butter so that she can catch him red handed and punish Him. As she wished kriShNa also sneaked into the house with his friends, found the pots filled with butter and curd. As he was about to take a scoop of the fresh butter and put it in his mouth this little girl jumps out of her hiding place and shouts Caught You!! Caught You!! Now to satisfy her desire to punish Him, she wields a stick and says I am going to beat you kriShNa. With an “all Knowing” smile kriShNa warns her of undesired consequence if she were to beat Him. The girl not being threatened by this little boy goes ahead and hits Him. That’s when the unexpected happened. His friends also shouted as if they were beaten, the cows, calves, goats and other animals all felt the sharp strike on their backs. Every living and nonliving thing on earth experienced the blow, including the girl and the Stick which was used to Beat Him.

HE is the one in All.

Essence and Phalam

Will enjoy everyone’s support in every endevour. Even critics will be on our side.


ॐ विष्णवे नमः ।

3. वषट्कारो  (Vashatkarah)


The charming Controller of all (स्वॆच्छया यॊ वशॆ सर्वं वषट्कार्ः करॊति सः |)

One who controls everything from inside.


It was decided that kriShNa will go to Duryodhan’s court as Pandava’s messenger. Hearing it, Duryodhan decided to insult him by not giving him the due respect. He called for an emergency meeting of Bhīṣma , Dhrona, Vidhura, all his ministers, courtiers  and told them that no one was to get up from their seats and give respect to kriShNa when he enters the court. Those who do not obey his orders will have to face his wrath. To humour him all the elders agreed. kriShNa entered and to everyone’s surprise the first one to get up and welcome kriShNa with open hands was none other than Duryodhan himself.

He is the charming inner controller

Essence and Phalam

Fluency in thoughts words and deed.


ॐ वषट्काराय नमः ।



4. भूतभव्य भवतप्रभुः (Bhoot bhavya bhavat prabhu)


The one who has no beginning or end. (त्रिकालवर्तिनां शॆषी भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभुः |)


There was a riShi by name Romasa. Romam means hair that is found on the body. He got that name because his body was covered with thick hair. On being curious about this thick hair he went to his Acharya and asked him the reason for this and also mentioned that only one hair falls occasionally. Acharya directed him towards BrahmA but unfortunately BrahmA did not have an answer. Dejected, Romasa travelled back to earth and was shocked to see that things were not the same as it was at the time he left. Some 35 crore years had passed. Not knowing what to do he went back to BrahmAloka where another shock was waiting for him. There was a new BrahmA in chair.  He did not recognise Romasa or his problem. He, therefore he sent him to BhagavAn Narayana.

Narayana explained to Romasa the cosmic time concept in simple words.

Kṛtā, Tretā, Dvāpara and Kalayuga​ put together is called One Chaturyugam. Which is a total of 43,20000 earth years.

1000 such Chaturyugam will amount to BrahmA’s one Day time.

So 2000 Chaturyugam is supposed to be BrahmA’s One full Day ( like our 24 hours).

360 Such Full Days will be BrahmA’s one Year. In this manner, if one BrahmA turns to be 100 years old, he retires and a New BrahmA assumes post.

BhagavAn tells Romasa, when one BrahmA goes and a new one takes over, one hair in your body will fall. Now Romasa is even more puzzled. Looking at himself, furry like a bear, he was wondering, at this rate how long will it take for all the hair to fall and when will he die. But the most intriguing question in his mind was what happens to BhagavAn when such a longtime passes. For this BhagavAn replies, Romasa!! I was there before you, I am here when you, your Acharya and all are existing and I will be there even after you are long gone. That is why He is BhootaBhavyaBhavatPrabhuhu

Essence and Phalam

We will have a long life healthy life with spiritual intervention.


ॐ भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभवे नमः ।

5. भूत-कृत (Bhootkrat)


Someone who creates without anyone’s help. Does not need assistance. (भूतानि यॊsसौ सृजति स्वातन्त्र्यॆण स भूतकृत् |)


BrahmA thinks that He is the CREATOR because of ahankar. Bhagavan decides to teach BrahmA a lesson. The story goes like this –

‘Come on let us find a nice picnic spot so that we can enjoy our midday meal,’ said kriShNa.

The company soon reached the banks of the river Yamuna. They bathed their calves in the water and refreshed themselves by washing their face, feet and hands.

It was a beautiful clearing by the sandy banks of Yamuna. There were small pools formed on the bank where the rain water had collected. The pools were brimming with red lotuses and lilies. Bumble bees buzzed near the pond but as soon as kriShNa sat down on the sand, the bees surrounded Him mistaking Him to be a giant blue lotus. Swans, cranes and ducks swam in the Yamuna. The dark Yamuna looked charming. The white aquatic birds looked like pearls sown on dark velvet. Peacocks from the nearby forest gathered around the border to watch the boys. A heard of deer looked at the cattle. They then moved away from the cattle but kept their proximity to kriShNa.

kriShNa sat in the middle. He was surrounded by all the boys. They gathered edible leaves to use as plates. Some boys used a clean slab of stone. Everyone opened their packets. Yashoda had given kriShNa curd rice. She had mixed rice, butter, a little bit of curd and milk. She had packed five types of spicy pickle; lemon, mango, tender mango, grapefruit and amla. kriShNa held each of the pickles on His five fingers. For every ball of rice, He took a tiny bite of the pickles. He also shared His food with His friend.

‘kriShNa, try some of my rice,’ offered Subala. ‘My mom has packed some lemon rice for me.’

‘and try my snacks as well,’ said Madhumangala.

kriShNa told them stories and entertained them while they ate. The cattle mooed as they moved around the grassy border near the sandy bank. Lord BrahmA looked at this sight from the sky. All the celestial wished to lick the food from the finger of the boys but their pride prevented them from coming down to make this request. They hence took the form of fish in Yamuna so that they can lick their fingers when the boys washed their hand but kriShNa thwarted their plan and asked the boys to wipe their hands on their dress. The celestials asked BrahmA to help them.

‘kriShNa surrounded by His friends looks like a giant lotus!’ thought BrahmA.

‘What a marvel! The Almighty enjoying a picnic lunch with His cowherd friends! Can He exhibit His full prowess? Does he remember His true identity? What will happen if I hide the cattle and His friends? Can He find them’ though BrahmA as this naughty thought entered his mind.

BrahmA using his powers immediately hid all the cattle from the view. He waited for the boys and kriShNa to notice the missing cattle.

‘Does it seem very silent to you?’ asked Sridama.

‘Look our cattle is gone!’ cried Upendra.

‘Don’t worry, stay here and enjoy your meal. I will round up the cattle,’ said kriShNa. He got up to teach BrahmA a lesson but first He must allow BrahmA to hide His friends as well. He pretended to look for the cattle and returned to the picnic spot after BrahmA had hid the boys.

kriShNa taking the form of Lord BrahmA, reached BrahmA’s abode of Satya Lokam while the real BrahmA was still enroute to Satya Lokam. kriShNa in the form of Lord BrahmA entered Satya Lokam. The door keepers saluted thinking that He is BrahmA.

‘I have just had intelligence that there is a miscreant pretending to be me. If this impostor should come here, push him so that he falls down from Satya Lokam.’

After kriShNa had instructed the guards, BrahmA arrived. As he was about the enter his abode, the guards stopped him and per kriShNa’s instructions pushed him down. BrahmA fell down tumbling through space. He entered Earth and fell under a tree in Vrindavan. To his amazement, he saw kriShNa sitting under the tree and realized that he had fallen prostrate near the divine feet of kriShNa. Realizing the error he had committed he asked for forgiveness.

‘I shouldn’t have played such a prank. Please forgive me!’ BrahmA eulogized kriShNa. After returning all the boys and the cattle he left for his own abode.

The boys were overjoyed to see kriShNa. BrahmA had hid them for only a few seconds. As, the progress of time is slower in Satya Lokam, few seconds turned out to be a year on Earth.

For one whole year the Lord existed in Vrindavan by taking the forms of His friends and the cattle. He not only took the form of the boys and cattle but also of nonliving items like the prod sticks and food packets. The gopis had no idea that Lord kriShNa had taken the place of their children. Every evening when the children return home the mothers go through their items and wash their clothes and vessels they took with them to carry food. In order for the mothers to not note the difference, Lord kriShNa became the child’s belongings as well. If a child had a silver pot, He became that silver pot. If a child had a terracotta pot, He became that terracotta pot. If a child had a pot with a chip then He became that pot with a chip. If a boy had six toes, kriShNa became that boy with a six toes. He replicated Himself with care and became an exact copy of the children. If a child had a mole, He took the form of the child with a mole; if a child used to throw temper tantrums then He did the same. He was such a perfect copy of the children that the gopis never noticed any difference. The cows did not notice that they were nursing kriShNa instead of their calves either. He existed in many different forms; black calf, black calf with a white streak on the forehead, red calf, calf with one broken horn and so on. He not only fooled the gopis but He fooled Balarama himself.

Balarama was not present during this occurrence. He was surprised to notice that he felt love towards all the boys and the cattle. He loved them all as he loved kriShNa. ‘Why do I feel this way’, he asked kriShNa.

The cows fed the calves with more affection. The parents of the boys felt overwhelming affection towards their children; they did not realize that kriShNa was the object of their love.

A whole year went by without anyone noticing the missing children or the cattle. The cows had given birth to new calves but yet they sought the older calves to feed them milk. They did not know that the older calves were kriShNa.

One fine afternoon the older gopas herded the calves to a meadow in the forest. Lord kriShNa in the forms of the gopa children and calves was playing with Himself and Balarama in the meadow. He was playing a game of catch with Himself. He pretended to be that Sridama who always tried to argue with kriShNa but with devotion, He pretended to be that Madhumangala who always followed Him around. In the form of Sudama He ran after a calf which was Himself to herd it back towards the other calves. As kriShNa He playfully tugged at the tail of a black and white calf which was again one of the assumed form of kriShNa!

As the older gopas herded their mature cows to the meadows, the cows broke into a run and ran with love to feed the calves herded by the gopa children. The gopas felt angry when they were unable to control the cows.

Afraid that the cows will not have enough milk to feed the young new-born calves in the village, the gopas yelled at the children to separate the mother from the older calves.

‘Madhumangala, don’t let Lakshmi feed Shyama! Pull Shyama away and take your calves away from here immediately!’

kriShNa did not pay heed to the instructions. He in the form of the calves rushed towards the cows to drink milk! The cows rushed forward and fed Him all their milk. The cows licked the calves with love and refused to move away from the calves.

The gopas felt very angry that the boys had not listened to them. They rushed forward to discipline the children but the moment they neared the children they became very calm! They pulled the children towards them with love and hugged them. They wiped the sweat away from the children’s face and gave them cool milk from their pots to drink!

Balarama was amazed to see this unusual display of love and affection! Realizing that none other than kriShNa had the powers to cause such wonders Balarama saw Him in all the boys and the cattle.

kriShNa and Balarama moved away from the meadow to a different part of the forest. Balarama followed the many kriShNa with awe. They soon arrived at the banks of the Yamuna from where the children along with the calves had been kidnapped by Lord BrahmA. kriShNa sat down under a huge banyan tree and at this precise moment, Lord BrahmA fell at kriShNa’s feet. Lord v got up very slowly still shaken by the fall. He looked around and saw all the gopa children and calves playing around kriShNa. As he glanced towards the sky he saw the original gopa children and cattle who had been following BrahmA! Alarmed at kriShNa’s creation of the duplicate gopa children and calves Lord BrahmA stood perplexed. ‘What am I supposed to do with the original children and calves?’ he thought. Returning them to kriShNa was now impossible since kriShNa had duplicated the children and calves! Lord BrahmA turned towards kriShNa to seek His pardon and to await instructions from kriShNa regarding the original children when in the place of the duplicated children and calves he saw Lord viShNu! Lord viShNu appeared everywhere holding His divine weapons. Each and every child and calf appeared as Lord viShNu to BrahmA. Lord BrahmA fell on His knees amazed at the powers displayed by the Supreme Personality. The next second the forms of Lord viShNu vanished and BrahmA saw kriShNa sitting under a banyan tree. He was holding a plate of half-eaten curd rice. He was sobbing. He rubbed His eyes with His buttery palms.

‘Sridama where are you? Madhumangala, Stoka kriShNa where are you? Where is everyone? I miss you all!’

As Lord BrahmA looked at this amazing sight, the original children and calves rushed towards kriShNa. Lord kriShNa hugged them all. The children didn’t remember their travels to Satya Lokam. With the help of viShNu Maya, they forgot about their encounter with Lord BrahmA!

Lord BrahmA returned to his abode very satisfied that he had witnessed the Supreme Lord at play!’

Essence and Phalam

Removes mental tiredness.


ओम् भूतकृते नमः (Om bhutkrite namah)



6. भूत-भृत  (Bhootbhrat)


One who holds everyone. Nurtures us and takes care of us. ( भूतानि विभर्ति इति भूतभृत्  |)


During Ramanuja’s period 1000 years ago, In Srirangam temple there was a poor Brahmin living with his large family. He had 16 children but no source of income. Only source of food was the prasadam from the temple. All 16 children used to compete with each other for that prasadam. One day when Ramanuja saw them, he advised the Bramhin to chant Sahastrnāmam and that if he chanted sincerely food will come to them without any difficulty. Having got the advice from the great Acharya he immediately started chanting. As he reached the nama Bhoota Bhrut, Acharya told him to stop and continued on his way. Few days passed by, and the temple officials found something odd. One container of prasadam out of the many offered to Ranganatha was going missing everyday. And this poor brahmin family is also not to be seen around since this started happening. Noting this absence, Ramanuja sent his disciple to investigate. The disciple, on arriving at the Vaishnavas’ place, found them all hale and hearty. He took them all to see Acharya. When Ramanuja questioned him about the missing prasadam the Vaishnava replied that he used to chant till Bhoota Bhrut every day and a small boy by name Azhagiya Manavala Ramanuja Dasa used to come and deliver the prasadam to them. Hearing this Ramanujacharya explained the power of this nama Bhoota Bhrut to all his disciples. BhagavAn nurtures and takes care of every single being.

Essence and Phalam

We say when we offer food to BhagavAn, it doesnt decrease, instead BhagavAn adds its mercy and benevolence and so it increases. BhagavAn nurtures its kids.


ॐ भूतभृते नमः

7. भाव: (Bhavah)


One who keeps everything inside and lets it out when time comes. He is bhavah. (श्लिष्टत्वात् भाव ईरितः |)


Duryodhana refused to give any piece of land, small or large, to the Pandavas even though the Pandavas had an equal claim over the land of Hastinapuram. After prolonged deliberation and discussion, Duryodhana mockingly gave them a useless, sterile piece of land that Yudishthira
accepted without a word of complaint. Krishna, sad at this mistreatment of the Pandavas, ordered Indra to make the land fertile and build a spectacular palace for them. With Indra’s help, that small sterile land came to be the flourishing city of Indraprastha. Duryodhana was filled with envy upon seeing this. He felt cheated that the sterile land he had given away had now become this sprawling kingdom. Duryodhana then cunningly challenged, and beat them at a game of Chaturangam (through devious means) and took back the land of Indraprastha. This however did not put an end to his mistreatment of the Pandavas. He further exiled them for 13 years wherein after spending 12 years in forest they should live the last one year in disguise.The Pandavas were strong willed and braved through the whole ordeal which only made Duryodhana play foul even further by saying that he found them before the stipulated time was over. Great leaders like Bheeshma and Dhrona too were unable to persuade him to act sensibly. The Pandava crew sent a brahman as a good will messenger to Hastinapuram but Duryodhana sent him back with insults. As a second attempt Krishna himself offered to go as a messenger. HE was ready to do this menial job for the love of Pandavas. Duryodhana had made bigger plans to insult Krishna. A big hole was dug in the court, then covered with the best of carpets and a golden throne was placed on it. Two strong wrestlers were posted below the throne in the hole to crush Krishna when he falls into the pit. As expected by Duryodhana, Krishna sat on the throne and fell into the pit. But before anyone could wink, HE emerged out of the pit in his magnificent Vishwaroopam. He grew so high as to touch the skies and showed himself in his true form. It was infact a warning to the cunning Duryodhana and his kin, that Krishna was none other than Narayana, in whom the entire universe dwells.
The one who holds all the Chetana and Achetanas in himself and during Srishti period spreads them out in this universe, in the same manner as the peacock spreads and folds its feathers is called Bhaavaha.

Essence and Phalam

ॐ भावाय नमः ।

Shlok – उक्तवक्शे मन्द् सर्वः विभूतिभिः खलभिनः प्रचारकेनः विशिष्ट दया भवति इति  ( uktvakshay mand sarvah vibhutibhih khalabhinah pracharkenah vishisht daya bhavati iti bhavah)

8. भूतात्मा (Bhutatma)


Entire universe is His body. Its like ViShNu and Vishwam, All in one and One in All. (शरीरभूत भूतानां भूतात्मा आत्मतया स्थितः |)


King Janaka was one of the favorite students of sage Yajnvalkya. Yajnavalkya would always keep an empty front seat in his classes, so that if Janaka came, he could sit there and listen to his teachings.

Yajnavalkya had many bright students, and some dull ones too. The dull ones complained among themselves that ‘Sage Yajnavalkya valued wealth of King Janaka more than the knowledge of his “bright” students and that was why he always kept an empty seat in the front’. Sage Janaka was aware of his students’ dissatisfaction about this.

One day King Janaka was listening to a discourse by Sage Yajnavalkya at his forest Ashram along with the other students of sage. There was a huge forest fire at a distance, it was moving everywhere rapidly, one of the soldiers came running to the king and informed, “Lord the forest fire has burnt parts of the palace.”

“Go do what is necessary then.” said the King, instructed him on whom to contact and what to do and kept listening to the discourse.

The other students of the sage ran in various directions to save their clothes and stuff, while King Janaka was attentively listening to the words of Sage Yajnavalkya.

When the other students of Yajnavalkya came back after the forest fire receded, they saw Janaka sitting there, fully involved in the learning not bothered about the kingdom. They felt ashamed.

Sage Yajnavalkya retorted “The king with all his wealth, queen & Palace wasn’t as much worried as you were for the sake of your torn loin clothes, Now you must have realized why keep an empty seat for him to occupy whenever it is possible for him from his busy life. Come on now, sit, let’s study.”

Essence and Phalam

Bhutatma is the nerve that connects the entire mankind.


ॐ भूतात्मने नमः ।

Shlok – सर्वेषाम् भूतानाम् आत्मा (sarvesham bhutanam aatma)

9. भूतभावनः(Bhutabhavanah)


Someone who nurtures like mother.

धारकादि प्रदानॆन यश्च वर्धयति स्वयम् ।

भूतानि नित्यं झटिति स तु स्यात् भूतभावनः ॥)


The name Bhootabhavana refers to that quality which is found in a loving mother. Like how a mother takes care of her child, feeds him even when she goes without food, plays with him even when she is tired, teaches moral values through her own actions, and also bears the child’s anger with utmost patience, like wise Bhagwan, takes care of every single one of his creations in the same manner.
The one who Holds, Feeds, nurtures and gives all kinds of comfort to the living beings is called by the name Bhootabhavanaha

Essence and Phalam

Malnourishment will not be there. Mental stability will be there.


ॐ भूतभावनाय नमः ।



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