About Us

We are a group of like minded friends, who are interested in Indian culture and tradition. An evening’s discussion got us thinking about how fast the western culture is taking over our Age old Indian culture. Our younger generation is moving farther and farther away from our tradition. Their shift is not out of conscious choice, but rather due to the lack of personal connection to our cultural roots. Most of us may still remember the nights we spent lying on our grandmas lap listening to stories from the great epics. It was almost like the characters come alive and every scene was enacted in front of our eyes. Intertwined in those stories we found our morals, our wisdom, and our culture. Today most of the children do not have this opportunity due to various things related to the fast moving economy. Our aim is to spread our culture through katha.

As parents of children belonging to the above mentioned category, we decided to do something about it instead of complaining. Thus came up the idea of this site. In the present times when people live far from their families especially elders, grandma’s tradition has taken a back step. But digital media with its unlimited resources and nearly unlimited reach has come as a boon. Innumerable sites are already on this path of spreading the knowledge about Bharat (India) and its culture. We have also taken a small but firm step towards it.
Vishvi aspires to share the knowledge with all the young mothers, future mothers and everyone out there who wants to pass on a great gift to their children by way of our culture.

 Pictures, icons used on this site come from a number of different sites I have visited. If any of the items are copy-righted, please inform us at vishvi.om@gmail.com.We will be more than happy to credit the correct person(s).

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