(Sanskrit Transliterated)

ShrI viShNu SahasranAma Stotram

Stories from our epics, supporting the meaning and Essence of 1000 names of the great ShrI viShNu SahasrnAma​m Stotras. Culture through Katha for our little ones.


Why AvatAra? Lord ShrI Maha viShNu incarnates on Earth from time to time to eradicate evil forces, to restore the dharma. These ten incarnations of Lord viShNu is collectively known as the DasAvatAra.


Beyond Stories

Stories and Beyond. Facts supporting the stories mentioned.


Collection of Artis, Stuti and Stotram. All at one place


Details about the temples . The location, the history of temples. Personal experiences , do’s and dont’s , special utsav and crowd period.

Our Acharyas and Rishis

Lives of our great Rishis and Gurus. Historical Facts and Stories

Culture And Traditions

Our culture and traditions. The festivals we celebrate. How we celebrate them and what we do.

This Month's Calendar



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